How to Retain Quality Fundraisers and Development Staff

Posted by Mary Ramirez

Leading With Fresh Eyes

Whether your organization’s development office is a one-man show, mid-sized, or a mega shop one thing is for certain: leadership is everything!  As you look at your 2023 goals, evaluate the way you’ve been leading with fresh eyes to assess where you might need to strengthen or encourage your team.

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Best DBD 2022 Blog Posts

Posted by DBD Team


As the year comes to and end, we are highlighting our best posts and the nonprofit practices that we should all carry into the new year. 

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6 Leadership Lessons from Hockey Refereeing

Posted by Kellie Wardman

This month we're discussing a few core approaches that we can use to prepare for next year.

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4 Financial Policies of an Effective Nonprofit Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program

Posted by Brian Keel
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Enhance Your Role in Fundraising Through Storytelling

Posted by Lauren DeSimone
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Posted by Bruce Berglund
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Posted by Bert Ruiz

A typical executive search usually takes a few months from start to finish with key steps throughout the process. As the committee does its work, it’s important to communicate the status of the process to key stakeholders and applicants. It may seem simple, but many organizations skip these basic steps. And when you don’t share your progress, both candidates and your board can be left feeling that the process is cold and disorganized.

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Posted by Kellie Wardman

A long-time executive coach once told me that the most powerful questions are ones that can be understood by a kindergartner.

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DBD PODCAST: The Future for Nonprofits

Posted by DBD Team

After a year of constraints, there are new opportunities awaiting non-profits. Before you decide to start - or delay - your next fundraising campaign, listen in as Bruce Berglund and Laura De Vries from DBD Group answer such questions as:

  • What's next for the US economy?
  • How will these economic indicators impact philanthropy?
  • When is the right time to re-engage with a strategic initiative? 
  • How should you participate in stimulus efforts in your community?
  • How will you thank those who showed up for you in the past year? 


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Posted by Bert Ruiz

As your organization prepares for an executive search, an important consideration is how to engage community stakeholders (along with board and staff) in the process.

Why engage community stakeholders? This group can provide an external perspective on how the community views your organization, as well as challenges and opportunities facing the community. Board members and staff are typically focused on internal priorities, while this group applies an outward-facing lens.

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