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    By DBD Financial Management Team

    Much has been made of support like the Paycheck Protection Plan and Employee Retention Tax Credits that arose from Congressional efforts to address the economic impact of the COVID pandemic.

    However, from a tax standpoint, there are some less known provisions that can affect how your donors treat their contributions.

    As we head into year-end giving,  you'll be engaging with donors and asking for their continued support.  Being aware of the tax provisions below could come in clutch during these crucial conversations.

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    Posted by Bruce Berglund

    As we enter Fall 2021, all of us had hoped the pandemic would have been in the rearview mirror. Instead, COVID-19 continues to have an impact on our organizations, staff and donors. As you gear up for another season of service and fundraising, here are some things to consider adjusting in your fundraising plan.

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    Posted by Lauren DeSimone

    If you’re anything like me you may have become used to – or perhaps dependent on – directional apps, like Google Maps. I even put on directions to pick up my son from daycare, just so I know exactly the best way to get there and when I will arrive. Evidently, I like having certainty and a plan.

    These apps are written with algorithms that assess available routes (plus traffic or accidents) to produce the most efficient directions.  What if we could apply something similar for fundraising professionals?

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    Posted by DBD Team

    By Brian Keel and Robyn Furness-Fallin

    You probably see cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin popping up on social media trends and news headlines every day.  Some are more established and widely marketable than others, but people are increasingly buying and holding cryptocurrencies for fun, for investment purposes or as a hedge against inflation.  But what is it anyway?  A recent Journal of Accountancy article defined it as “a digital medium of exchange that can be used for purchasing, selling and storing value, but it is not backed by a sovereign government.” 

    The good news is nonprofit organizations do not have to understand all the theory and technology behind cryptocurrency to gain the potential benefits of accepting this form of appreciated property as a donation. 

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    Posted by Jan Brogdon

    I’m nominating Alice S. for “Fundraiser of the Year.”

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    Posted by Bruce Berglund

    By Bruce Berglund and Jan Brogdon

    Too often, major gift efforts are confined to the framework of a campaign. We ask for these gifts when we have a goal, but we really don’t work to cultivate those major gift donors between and before campaigns. In a time where capital campaigns were slowed or even stopped, some organizations used 2020 to grow a deeper connection with major gift donors. How can the learnings from their experiences, and yours, shape the way you move forward from here?

    Any of you that have worked with us know that we believe Case, Leadership, Prospects and a Plan are the key elements of successful fundraising. Consider how you can use this structure as you analyze your own situation.

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    Posted by DBD Team

    Earlier this week, MacKenzie Scott announced that she had given more than $4 billion to 384 organizations around the country. Some of our clients were fortunate enough to receive one of those gifts. As we read Ms. Scott’s Medium post and learned more about the organizations chosen by her and her team, we realized there are many lessons to be learned from this generous act.

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    Posted by DBD Team

    When people think of fundraising, they usually are thinking about The Ask – and that can be very intimidating. Today, we’re digging into the archives for some of our best advice on How to Ask.

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