The best and highest-performing organizations have the strongest leadership. But how do you actually grow leaders today?

    Leadership/Executive Coaching is an individual, experiential process that help leaders build capacity and capability to maximize learning and impact. According to a 2015 survey, coaching generates a 7x times return on investment (PWC, 2015). Another survey showed that 78 percent of leaders reported one-on-one or group coaching with a professional coach was extremely or very helpful in meeting change management goals (Human Capital Institute, 2018).

    Through a strengths-based, positive approach, a certified coach* can help you grow productivity, executive presence, influence and self-awareness and also help improve critical outcomes for your organization.

    Connecting to Values and Life Purpose

    Coaching is not just about what you do—it’s also about who you are as a leader and what is most important. In the process, you work toward concrete goals and connect those goals to deeply held values and personal mission or purpose. You might focus on growing personal resilience, change readiness, or self-confidence, or skills for that next level of leadership, managing stress or strengthening relationships.

    Exploring What’s Important

    Dive into powerful questions that resonate for you personally, professionally or for your organization. What are you tolerating that you might want to change? What are you learning about yourself as leader? Where have you been fearless? What leap are you wanting to make? How do you want to be investing your time? Who is in your circle to support you?

    Interview-Based 360 Assessments

    360 assessments are powerful tools for any staff member to learn from direct reports, peers and senior leadership about their greatest strengths and brand, as well as blind spots and areas to improve. The interview-based Quantum 360® Assessment process can be part of your coaching process if you desire constructive and comprehensive feedback about your presence and work.

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    * DBD’s coach is an Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Co-Active Training Institute).

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