Non-profit organizations rely on volunteer board leadership to fulfill their missions. A strong board makes all the difference. Typically, if you can cultivate and maintain a strong and effective board, you will have a stronger non-profit as a result.

DBD Group's approach to board governance is focused on helping you build your board's capacity, positioning your organization for greater impact in your communities. We engage volunteers and leadership staff in identifying bright spots and gaps, providing practical strategies and tools to help you do this work. Our innovative tools and approaches are based on the latest thinking in governance for non-profits.

A Board Can Always Be Stronger

Continuous improvement is critical in governance work because boards are always evolving and changing as volunteers rotate and priorities change. The board you had five years ago may not be the board you need tomorrow.

Board Self-Assessment

We can help you identify strengths and weaknesses of your current board through a powerful best practices self-assessment process. Explore how your board is doing in areas such as meeting management, legal and fiduciary duty, advocacy and impact, board development, committee work, and philanthropy.

Leadership is Everything

The best boards have the strongest leadership. We can work with you to identify and build your board’s capacity, always thinking about succession strategies and how to share and grow volunteer leadership.

Focus on Compelling Priorities

Board governance is an art and a science. There are multiple entry points and approaches to doing governance work well. We will identify the relevant priorities for your board and custom design a plan in partnership with you.

Philanthropy and Board Development are Arm in Arm

Many boards struggle in engaging their board in fundraising. The connection between good board governance and philanthropy is crucial, and ensuring the organization has the resources it needs is an important part of the board's role.

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