Non-profit organizations must evolve and advance in today’s swiftly changing environment. DBD Group can help your organization address short-term and long-term goals through our intentional processes to make strategic decisions and plans. 

Strategic Reboot

In times of rapid change, new contexts, community needs, resources and/or priorities may require you to adjust your strategic plan goals and timelines. A reboot is a practical, efficient approach to revisit a recent or current plan. DBD Group will work with you to refine a vision for impact, check in your current operating model, realign high-level strategies, and identify and implement any changes needed. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a must in times of significant change. DBD’s comprehensive process can help you develop a new strategic plan. The process will help you build strategic thinking capacity and navigate a changing climate and increasing demands. We can help you assess the landscape, identify trends and envision the impact you want to create. We will help you define what you do best, outline threats and opportunities, and identify strategies and success measures to get where you want to go. Most important, we will engage your board and staff in a powerfully facilitated process so they rally to implement your vision. 

Why Choose DBD? 

Strategic Thinking 

Our planning process is designed to help your organization build strategic thinking capacity and become more adept in navigating a changing climate to meet increasing needs and demands. The practical tools and approaches can be used beyond your planning timetable, impacting your work for years to come.

Focus on Compelling Priorities

We will guide you in sharpening focus on your most relevant strategies and priorities, developing short- and long-range goals and objectives using a real-time approach. This means developing a plan scope that is the right size for both your organization's current resources and your planned capacity.

Ensure Optimum Board/Staff Engagement

It's important to find the balance between broad engagement of your key leaders and yet also leverage the greatest efficiency in implementation. We help you establish organizational vision and priorities and then position your staff team to implement key strategies and goals.

Integrate the Plan Across Your Organization

Our practical approach and tools will facilitate integrating your vision into your organization. We'll help you weave priorities and goals into annual operating plans, performance measures, brand strategy and communications, and governance.

DBD Group's strategic planning process will engage your volunteers and leadership staff in intentional and innovative ways to identify industry trends, define what you do best, envision how to increase your impact and outline specific strategies and goals to get you there.



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