9 THINGS FOR 2021

    Posted by DBD Team on Jan. 18, 2021

    By the DBD Financial Management Team

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    Topics: Nonprofit Leadership, Board Leadership, Nonprofit, financial management


    Posted by Jason Fry on Jan. 12, 2021

    One evening in early December I got a text from a friend (who is a County Commissioner) that there was a mob of armed protesters outside her house. Her 12-year-old son was home alone at the time. He called her while she was at a Health District meeting that would determine whether our county would issue a mask mandate. Can you imagine how afraid he must’ve been?

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    Topics: Nonprofit Leadership, Generosity, Giving, Gift Of Giving, Nonprofit


    Posted by DBD Team on Jan. 6, 2021

    By Jan Brogdon and Robyn Furness-Fallin

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    Topics: Annual Campaign, Annual, Annual Fundraising, Church Fundraising, Church Stewardship


    Posted by Bruce Berglund on Jan. 1, 2021

    Happy New Year! As you settle back in after the holidays, let me suggest you take a few moments to consider the “three Rs” before getting sucked into the hustle and bustle of a new year.

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    Topics: Leadership, Volunteer Management, Nonprofit Leadership, Strategy, Planning, Nonprofit

    Happy Holidays 2020

    Posted by DBD Team on Dec. 22, 2020

    What a year! We gathered the team to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday season and VERY Happy New Year!


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    Posted by DBD Team on Dec. 16, 2020

    Earlier this week, MacKenzie Scott announced that she had given more than $4 billion to 384 organizations around the country. Some of our clients were fortunate enough to receive one of those gifts. As we read Ms. Scott’s Medium post and learned more about the organizations chosen by her and her team, we realized there are many lessons to be learned from this generous act.

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    Posted by DBD Team on Dec. 14, 2020

    In the latest episode of the DBD Podcast, Jon Simons talks to DBD teammates Brian Keel and Jim Mellor about managing nonprofit finances in the coming year. From budget forecasting to working with your bank, their forthright advice will help you make better decisions now and in the future.

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    Posted by Bruce Berglund on Dec. 3, 2020

    I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather in Chicagoland over the Thanksgiving break to clean up my backyard. My neighbor had the same idea and we struck up a conversation. He asked me (as my mother used to ask me too) "what exactly do I do for work"?

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    DBD AXIOMS: Interest and Capacity

    Posted by DBD Team on Oct. 15, 2020

    In this week's episode of the DBD Podcast, Bruce Berglund and Jon Simons discuss two more leadership axioms that guide our work. If you've worked with us in the past these probably will sound familiar. Consider who else on your staff or volunteer team could benefit from learning these important concepts. 

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    Posted by Brian Keel on Oct. 6, 2020

    Most of us have spent a good portion of 2020 reacting to the multitude of changes in our work lives and home lives. Whether we reacted wisely or poorly, we were still responding to something happening outside our control.

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    Topics: Leadership, Big L Leaders, Nonprofit Leadership, Nonprofit

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