Three Financial Aspects Of Your Capital Campaign To Know Before You Start

Posted by Brian Keel

I recently joined a meeting with a new client that is about to embark on his first capital campaign. He asked a great question, “What do you wish you would’ve known before your first capital campaign?”

Hindsight is usually 20/20 so I was grateful for this great question and the ability to help this client avoid some preventable pitfalls.

A few tips came to mind:

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Redefining Success

Posted by Jason Fry

We raised $5.7 million.


We raised $5.7 million!

Why does one character change that statement so much?

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Posted by Nathan Sprenger


Plans are important, but they’ll never work unless you take action.

This month, the DBD team will be sharing ways for you to jump start your work in 2022.



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Posted by Bruce Berglund


Plans are important, but they’ll never work unless you take action.

This month, the DBD team will be sharing ways for you to jump start your work in 2022.



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Posted by Jan Brogdon

I’m nominating Alice S. for “Fundraiser of the Year.”

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Posted by Laura DeVries

A few times a day, my Apple watch reminds me to breathe.  Like many, I googled this feature when I started receiving these notifications at the most inconvenient times. Before I can hit dismiss, my watch steals my attention and I am momentarily captured as the animated flower fills the tiny screen and slowly expands and contracts.

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Posted by Bruce Berglund

By Bruce Berglund and Jan Brogdon

Too often, major gift efforts are confined to the framework of a campaign. We ask for these gifts when we have a goal, but we really don’t work to cultivate those major gift donors between and before campaigns. In a time where capital campaigns were slowed or even stopped, some organizations used 2020 to grow a deeper connection with major gift donors. How can the learnings from their experiences, and yours, shape the way you move forward from here?

Any of you that have worked with us know that we believe Case, Leadership, Prospects and a Plan are the key elements of successful fundraising. Consider how you can use this structure as you analyze your own situation.

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Posted by Jon Simons

How ironic is it that a year of forced isolation has actually provided us the ability to connect with each other in a deep, meaningful and global scale? 

How are you doing?” has shifted from a casual greeting to a meaningful invitation to connect through a common, shared experience.

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Posted by Lora Dow

If you’re part of an established nonprofit, faith-based organization, or school, you’re very familiar with fundraising goals. If you’re part of the leadership of such an organization, you may have even been part of setting those goals.

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Posted by Mike Bussey

A lifetime of personal and professional goal setting has taught me that it is critically important to properly define success before setting goals or making resolutions.

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