There's Still Time: Year-end Fundraising

Posted by Jon Simons

While December is prime time for donor stewardship (pro tip: the #1 reason a donor will renew or upgrade their giving is that they were thanked AND told how their gift has impact) it is also a very fruitful time to invite support for your great cause. According to NPSource: 30% of annual giving occurs in December and 10% occurs in the last 3 days of the year. 

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What To Do With A No

Posted by Bruce Berglund

Nearly every big ask in my career as a staffer and consultant – whether it be an ask for a lead gift or a key leadership position – started with a no.

For example:

Would you and your family consider a lead gift of $____ for this campaign? No.

Would you consider serving as a chair for this campaign? No.

It wasn’t fun to hear, but it didn’t mean the end of the relationship, just a change in strategy. What is the next step after the no? Do you move on? Or do you re-approach in a new way?

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The Question That Opens Doors for Thriving Fundraising Campaigns

Posted by Bruce Berglund
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5 Burning Nonprofit Finance Questions to Ask Before You Talk to Your Bank

Posted by Brian Keel
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Enhance Your Role in Fundraising Through Storytelling

Posted by Lauren DeSimone
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Posted by DBD Team

The last 18 months have both challenged some of our long-held beliefs about fundraising and reinforced many of the lessons we know to be true. 

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Posted by DBD Team

By Jan Brogdon and Robyn Furness-Fallin

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Posted by DBD Team

For the past two months nonprofits have been in "emergency" fundraising mode. It has been a scramble to serve communities in new ways, make difficult staffing decisions and try to forecast an entirely new budget. 

Many are probably thinking "I can't wait to get back to normal."

But what if "normal" isn't the best idea for the rest of 2020? In a world still filled with uncertainty, what can we do to maximize our impact and prepare ourselves to be ready for whatever may come?

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Posted by Jan Brogdon

For the past two years, DBD Group has been working with a cohort of nonprofit leaders from across the country on strategies for improving annual giving. While there are many learnings to be shared, I think the most interesting may be what we’ve learned in developed major gift relationships.

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Posted by DBD Team

Recently, Michele Goodrich and Peggy Vinson from our team interviewed Jen Kruel from the YMCA of Dodge County as part of the NAYDO 365 podcast series. With their permission, we’re posting it here as well because the conversation tells the story of a small organization climbing out of a paralyzing debt situation. How they did it, and how their community rallied around this Y, has lessons for any organization considering taking on debt… or working to get out of it.


While Jen’s remarks come from her recent experiences in a YMCA, any non-profit can be served by reframing how they think – and talk – about debt with donors, with the community and even to themselves. 

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