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Leaders of non-profit organizations across the country have faced tough questions about how to successfully navigate disrupted plans and services due to Covid-19.  How do you lead with confidence in times of uncertainty?  How do you support your team, reconnect with your "why", and move boldly towards positive change and opportunity?  

In the Fall Forward DBD Podcast series, Jon Simons interviews leaders about how they were able to innovate and serve their community during the pandemic.

In the third and final part of the series, Jon Simons interviews founder and DBD Group President Bruce Berglund.

In this twenty-one minute episode, Bruce gives insights into how he was able to stay connected and provide unwavering service to clientele in midst of a crisis, move with confidence despite the uncertainty of the times, and support his team.


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The pandemic has made strategic planning a challenging prospect for organizations across the country.   Many teams have had to revisit their mission, vision, or even their values.  Pre-Covid plans no longer fit the times and leaders have had to take a fresh look at community needs.  Given the current landscape, how do we "fall forward" with purpose and planning?    

In part two of the Fall Forward DBD Podcast series, Jon Simons interviews executive coach and fellow DBD Group partner Kellie Wardman about strategic thinking and planning for the modern era.

In this seventeen minute episode, Kellie shares insights about how leaders and teams can get unstuck and take new, energized approaches to thinking and planning for the future.


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Covid-19 disrupted plans and services for non-profit organizations across the country.  Many programs had to be re-conceived and significant changes were made under pressure.  With these unprecedented circumstances, some significant lessons were learned and in some cases, opportunities occurred.  What creative problem solving arose for leaders and teams and what new community partnerships emerged?  

In the Fall Forward DBD Podcast series, Jon Simons interviews leaders about how they were able to innovate and serve their community in challenging times.

In part one, DBD Group's Jon Simons interviews Justin Ihne, CEO of YMCA Plattsburgh in New York.

Justin shares insights into how he and his team were able to choose "creation" over "crisis", pivot, and deliver exceptional service to their community.

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Posted by Kellie Wardman

2022 is right around the corner! As we enter the fourth quarter and begin to wrap up a challenging year, it’s an opportune time to look forward. Following are five things to consider as you think about strategic thinking and planning in this new era.

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Posted by Bruce Berglund

By Bruce Berglund and Jan Brogdon

Too often, major gift efforts are confined to the framework of a campaign. We ask for these gifts when we have a goal, but we really don’t work to cultivate those major gift donors between and before campaigns. In a time where capital campaigns were slowed or even stopped, some organizations used 2020 to grow a deeper connection with major gift donors. How can the learnings from their experiences, and yours, shape the way you move forward from here?

Any of you that have worked with us know that we believe Case, Leadership, Prospects and a Plan are the key elements of successful fundraising. Consider how you can use this structure as you analyze your own situation.

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Posted by Jon Simons

How ironic is it that a year of forced isolation has actually provided us the ability to connect with each other in a deep, meaningful and global scale? 

How are you doing?” has shifted from a casual greeting to a meaningful invitation to connect through a common, shared experience.

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The past year has been challenging for everyone. As someone who works with nonprofits, I have been impressed and moved by how these organizations have stepped up to serve their communities in new ways. They’ve managed to make a positive impact for others, even with severe constraints.

The most important resource any organization has is its staff. Many nonprofits, like their counterparts in businesses, were forced to furlough or lay off employees as revenue streams dried up during the pandemic. That means that the staff who remained were often doing the jobs of several people while also trying to identify new ways of serving that would help to keep people safer during the pandemic.

Taking care of staff is always critical, but today it is more important than ever.

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By the DBD Finance Team

Congress has enacted several key pieces of legislation over the last year to help businesses continue operations during the COVID pandemic. As we move deeper in 2021 it is important to know that several types of assistance for non-profit organizations still exist. While not every organization qualifies based on size or adverse economic impact, it is worth looking to see where you fit in.

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