In sailing you are always scanning the horizon looking for the ripples on the water – because that is where the wind is. That is how you set your course.  

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Posted by Michele Goodrich

By Anne Derber and Michele Goodrich

If you’re lucky, your organization will achieve key milestones or anniversaries. Maybe you’ll celebrate how many years you’ve been in service to your community or perhaps you’re marking programmatic milestones such as number of pets adopted, ministry impact or neighborhoods served. Whatever you’re celebrating, you have the opportunity to use that milestone to enhance the culture of philanthropy in your organization.

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Posted by Brian Keel

Cultivating sustainability in an organization has long been a best practice. During 2020, we have seen this importance magnified as those who embraced a philosophy of sustainability are generally weathering the pandemic and related economic turmoil better than the rest.

The good news: it’s never too late to embrace a sustainable mindset!

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