Posted by Laura DeVries

A few times a day, my Apple watch reminds me to breathe.  Like many, I googled this feature when I started receiving these notifications at the most inconvenient times. Before I can hit dismiss, my watch steals my attention and I am momentarily captured as the animated flower fills the tiny screen and slowly expands and contracts.

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Posted by Jan Brogdon

There is no shortage of things to read in this day and age. Sometimes I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hydrant of information! I am constantly scanning the digital inbox for the next report due date, meeting confirmation, or to-do project. Then, I move to the newsletters, blogs and websites. Too often I find myself hitting delete even though the content may be valuable, or relocating to a folder with plans to read later. And then there’s all the reading material that still comes in my real mailbox!

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Posted by Peggy Vinson

I was watching The Voice not long ago, and Lionel Richie was coaching one of the contestants. He said, “If you’re coachable, you’re going a long way.”

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Topics: Leadership, Personal Development

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