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Leaders of non-profit organizations across the country have faced tough questions about how to successfully navigate disrupted plans and services due to Covid-19.  How do you lead with confidence in times of uncertainty?  How do you support your team, reconnect with your "why", and move boldly towards positive change and opportunity?  

In the Fall Forward DBD Podcast series, Jon Simons interviews leaders about how they were able to innovate and serve their community during the pandemic.

In the third and final part of the series, Jon Simons interviews founder and DBD Group President Bruce Berglund.

In this twenty-one minute episode, Bruce gives insights into how he was able to stay connected and provide unwavering service to clientele in midst of a crisis, move with confidence despite the uncertainty of the times, and support his team.


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Posted by Bruce Berglund

Over the last few years, the term “grit” has been popping up in books, podcasts and lectures. It seems that grit, as it relates to leadership in popular business culture, is associated with themes of courage, follow-through and resilience.

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Posted by Peggy Vinson

Every non-profit leader is familiar with the feeling: somewhere, about half-way through the campaign, you hit a dip. It happens every year, but I’m always amused at how unexpected this seems to everyone.

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Posted by Michele Goodrich

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting of non-profit leaders struggling through a slump in their capital campaign.

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Posted by Bruce Berglund

Happy New Year from all of us at Donor By Design! We hope your first full week of 2014 is off to a great start. This is the final blog in a three part series. In the first blog, I reviewed John Norcross’s suggestions for keeping resolutions from his book Changeology, and Jim Collins’ concept of the 20 Mile March from his book Great By Choice.  In the second blog, I talked about firing bullets before cannonballs, and using SMART goals to assess the effectiveness of your ideas before you take them to a bigger roll-out.

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