Posted by Johnathan Teal

In a blog post from last year, I encouraged fundraisers to break the “rule” that all board members be required to fundraise (you can find that post here). The basic premise being that we should strategically recruit certain board members to actively ask donors for contributions and lean into the fact that other volunteers are on our boards for other skill sets. One of the many follow up questions I received was naturally, “So how do I keep board members engaged in philanthropy if they don’t ask others for money?”

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Posted by Richard Clegg

Have you ever wondered why are some board members not engaged or even showing up to your meetings? Board meetings are a necessity for nonprofit organizations, but too often they can be boring, dry, and uninspiring.

They don’t have to be.

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Creating a Culture of Inquiry

Posted by Richard Clegg

Do your board members regularly ask inquisitive and challenging questions? Does your board have a culture that promotes dialogue and debate?

An often-overlooked strategy of effective boards is to create and/or nurture a true culture of inquiry. Great boards engage members in a way that truly enlists their collective skill sets, thoughts, and differences of opinion. Dialogue with debate is a great thing to have in board meetings. Open discussions that include diverse perspectives position the board to make the best choices.

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How to Delight and Surprise Your Nonprofit Board

Posted by Kellie Wardman


Plans are important, but it's the action that makes the plan a reality. This month, the DBD team will be sharing ways for you to jump-start your work in 2023.

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