Crowdfunding and Younger Donors

Posted by DBD Team

By Robyn Furness-Fallin and Kali Righter

According to a recent report released by Soraya Alexander, Classy President & GoFundMe COO, Gen Z might just become one of the most charitable generations yet. She states, “While they aren’t giving the same amounts older generations are, they have the largest growth potential. This shows just how important giving back is to younger generations. They vote with their dollars and are willing to make sacrifices to give to the causes they believe in.”

The recent GivingUSA report for 2022 showed just that.

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Posted by Michele Goodrich

Bob Dylan’s song, “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ” came out in the mid-1960s when the largest population cohort in history, known as the Baby Boomers, emerged and began to shake up the status-quo. Their attitudes and beliefs were very different from previous generations and their collective influence changed almost every aspect of our culture.

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Posted by Jan Brogdon

I recently read an incredible article by Tauna Shoemaker, a young, non-profit professional from Tacoma Washington.

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