Discovering the Win-Win

Is your organization considering a partnership or collaboration? DBD Group has helped nonprofit organizations develop creative, synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations. We can help you explore opportunities to collaborate and share resources to increase efficiency, enhance current product lines, serve more people and maximize mission delivery. 

Before engaging in a potential partnership, collaboration or merger, it is important that you ask several key questions to help you map out your work and identify potential red flags. 

DBD’s Partnership and Collaboration process analyzes:

  • Mission and Services Alignment — Determining congruence and overlap in purpose, program and services
  • Leadership and Culture — Identifying the commonalities and disparities in the organizations’ communication, decision-making and management styles
  • Finances — Identifying potential efficiencies, challenges and the financial sustainability of the combined operations
  • Donor and Funding Synergy — Comparing fundraising strategies and sources to determine commonalities or alignment

We often say that a successful partnership needs to be a “1+1=3” opportunity. When done right, a partnership is more than the sum of its parts, helping both organizations to achieve new and powerful outcomes and impact.


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