DBD Group offers a variety of services to help your nonprofit or faith-based organization grow. From capital campaigns to fundraising training, DBD's team of professionals have deep experience in working with non-profits and faith-based organizations. Let our experience help you move further faster. 


    Capital Campaign Consulting

    When you’re ready to grow, having the right campaign counsel will help you make your vision a reality. DBD Group Capital Campaign Consulting can be the support you need.

    Feasibility Studies

    Are you considering a feasibility study ahead of your next campaign? DBD Group can help ensure you'll be ready for a successful capital campaign.



    Planned Giving

    Planned Giving By Design helps non-profits build a new program or revitalize an existing one in order to grow the organization's endowment. We’ll give you the tools to tell your story, build a case, and identify and educate legacy donors.

    Annual Giving

    Through DBD’s Virtual Annual Giving Academy and annual giving coaching, you’ll have an experienced counselor and proven resources to help your organization through the planning and implementation of your  annual giving program.

    Grant Writing

    DBD Group helps non-profits secure large gifts from foundations to support programs and fund new facilities. Learn more on how we can help you.

    Donor Research

    Lean on the experience and resources of DBD Group to help your organization with donor research and membership screening to identify giving potential.

    Fundraising Training

    DBD's unique training experiences encourage you to look at your organization’s need and impact in a whole new way, helping you to inform and inspire donors.

    Development Assessment

    Before you begin your next campaign, consider taking time to judge the readiness of your volunteers and staff with a DBD Development Assessment.

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