Creating a new facility is one of the most exciting times for a non-profit organization. A successful capital campaign does more than help fund a new building, it brings the community together, uniting volunteers and community leaders with your organization’s mission.

When you’re ready to grow, having the right campaign counsel will help you make your vision a reality.

DBD Group supports all phases of your capital campaign, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Prospect research / Wealth screening
  • Prospect cultivation
  • Major gift development
  • Case development and campaign communications
  • Corporate partnership development
  • Financial modeling
  • Donor stewardship

Are you ready to embark on a capital campaign? Let’s start the discussion by considering the following elements:

The Appeal:

Do leadership and potential contributors feel the program meets a valid need? Is there dramatic and emotional appeal to merit financial support?


Have the needs been studied and accepted by the governing board? Are they valid? Do they create a sense of urgency? Are they understood by the constituency being asked to give?

The Goal:

Is the proposed goal realistic for this community? If not realistic, what are the problems?


How many gifts will be required and at what level? Do potential sources exist? Do you expect gifts to come from individuals, corporations, foundations or associations? Is it possible to secure one gift worth 20-25 percent of the goal?

Leadership Potential:

If the campaign is to succeed, leaders must be able to give and to solicit large gifts. Can you enlist your board first and larger constituency second?

Timing and Campaign Strategy:

What must be done to assure the success of the campaign? Are there conflicting campaigns in progress or contemplated in the near future?

Public Relations:

Do you need to resolve any public relations issues before beginning the campaign? What is the key message that will demonstrate the relevance and importance of the project? What marketing strategies are needed to inspire leaders to support this program?



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