Strengthening Teams and Organizational Culture

How do you ignite peak performance of leaders and talent at all levels? What does it mean to powerfully and successfully guide high-performing teams?

To ensure organizations thrive and remain relevant, leaders must continually invest in building staff capacity—strengthening communication, effectiveness and team alignment. Research shows that organizations who have ongoing strategies and initiatives for employee engagement and culture building show 2 times the revenue and 4 times the return of those who don’t. (Harvard Business Review, 2017)

DBD Group can assist you with all aspects of leadership and organizational development, helping you assess where you are today and the culture you want to create going forward.  

Assessing Your Current Team & Identifying Gaps

Where is your team most creative and on purpose? When are you most reactive? What are the critical gaps from where you want to be? The Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA) facilitated by DBD can provide a powerful MRI of your leadership culture. It reveals your team’s current ways of operating and how you ideally want your team to perform. Learn how your leadership team’s competencies and reactive tendencies measure up compared to other peak-performing organizations.

Vision, Values, and Behaviors

What is your team’s vision? What values and behaviors are important? We can help you explore limiting beliefs and behaviors that create an immunity to change. We may focus on fierce conversation and courage, trust and communication, mapping strengths, and/or fostering innovative or strategic thinking—whatever is needed most.

Making It Happen and Accountability

A great plan for strengthening your team is only step one. The right conversations, timely feedback, action and evaluation of your processes must happen. DBD can help you create a culture of accountability for ensuring all staff align with where you want to go.

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*Certified through the International Coach Federation and Co-Active Training Institute; also certified in facilitating the Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessments.

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