As you consider the people connected to your organization, how do you know who might have the capacity to make a generous gift?

Your potential gift will be determined by where a donor’s interest and ability to give intersect. Your organization has the compelling story and works hard to raise awareness and interest in your cause; now, the next important step is identifying those people who have the ability to put dollars behind your mission.

Philanthropic Lift Analysis

 The DBD Philanthropic Lift Analysis screens and analyzes your donor data to provide you with strategic recommendations for retaining donors and maximizing growth. 

 You’ll receive a detailed analysis of your donors’ information in a clear, concise, actionable format, including: 

  • Recommendations for maximizing retention, growth and upgrades within your existing donor base 
  • Fundraising Fitness Test administration and summary 
  • Scored screening results, trends, and opportunities for growth
  • Recommendations on segments on which to focus, including identification of specific donors and tactics to foster key relationships

Prospective Donor Research

DBD Group offers in-depth prospect research on those donors you have pre-qualified as top prospects/donors. This research portfolio notes family members, net worth and previously demonstrated giving.

Membership Screening

For organizations with a membership base, membership screening can show you the donor potential in your ranks. DBD Group has the resources to screen your prospects at a special volume rate, and help you find opportunities among the people who are already committed to your purpose.

We help you ask better by making asking easier.

Lean on the experience and resources of DBD Group to help your organization with donor research.

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