Posted by Thom Peters

I knew a nonprofit director who moved from the big city to work with an organization in a small, coastal community. She left behind traffic, sirens, and hordes of people, to what most of us would call serenity. Six months into her tenure I asked how she was enjoying the small-town life. Her reply surprised me as she said the quiet was very difficult for her, even making it hard to sleep at night. Within a year, she was back to the big city.

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A Changing Landscape

You’ve probably heard the phrase “cash is king.” But is that still true?

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Posted by Jason Fry

Years ago, I was working with a very skilled major gifts officer. She had a donor, Elizabeth, who was in her 90s and who was very loyal to the organization. However, this staff member had tried contacting Elizabeth over and over through e-mail or by phone and leaving voicemails. As much as she tried diligently to get in touch with Elizabeth, she was unsuccessful. She started telling herself a variety of stories. Maybe something is wrong or she’s sick? Maybe I upset her with all my emails. Maybe she heard something negative about our organization? Maybe I offended her by asking her for money? Maybe she died?

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There's Still Time: Year-end Fundraising

Posted by Jon Simons

While December is prime time for donor stewardship (pro tip: the #1 reason a donor will renew or upgrade their giving is that they were thanked AND told how their gift has impact) it is also a very fruitful time to invite support for your great cause. According to NPSource: 30% of annual giving occurs in December and 10% occurs in the last 3 days of the year. 

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Crowdfunding and Younger Donors

Posted by DBD Team

By Robyn Furness-Fallin and Kali Righter

According to a recent report released by Soraya Alexander, Classy President & GoFundMe COO, Gen Z might just become one of the most charitable generations yet. She states, “While they aren’t giving the same amounts older generations are, they have the largest growth potential. This shows just how important giving back is to younger generations. They vote with their dollars and are willing to make sacrifices to give to the causes they believe in.”

The recent GivingUSA report for 2022 showed just that.

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Rocking Stewardship: How to Show Gratitude as Only You Can

Posted by Bruce Berglund

During the pandemic we introduced the concept of “radical stewardship”. We reinforced the necessity of lifting up, thanking and honoring those who were our most loyal friends and donors during that difficult time.

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It’s Not Too Late: Stewardship Strategies to Use Today

Posted by DBD Team

As we move into the last quarter of the year, the focus for many nonprofit organizations is on year-end fundraising. But before you ask for more, have you properly shown gratitude for all you’ve received?

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Leveraging Fundraising Basics: Lessons from Giving USA 2022

When the Giving USA 2022 report was released earlier this year, this key finding left many nonprofit professionals concerned: Total dollars given was down 10.5%* to $499.33 billion.

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And Now What? The Key Question in Major Gifts Fundraising

Posted by Jon Simons

Simple or complex?  Basic or advanced?  Checkers or chess? Which approach best describes your fundraising?

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Fundraiser of the Year

Posted by Jan Brogdon

I’m nominating Alice S. for “Fundraiser of the Year.”

While that award may not exist exactly, this spunky, driven young lady has much to teach even the most seasoned development professionals.

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