Posted by Brian Keel on Aug. 11, 2020

    Cultivating sustainability in an organization has long been a best practice. During 2020, we have seen this importance magnified as those who embraced a philosophy of sustainability are generally weathering the pandemic and related economic turmoil better than the rest.

    The good news: it’s never too late to embrace a sustainable mindset!

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    Posted by DBD Team on Apr. 21, 2020

    Our current crisis has revealed the financial strengths and weaknesses in our companies, in our families, and in nonprofits. While no one could have anticipated this particular set of circumstances, history tells us that challenges will always come. 

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    Posted by Brian Keel on Oct. 24, 2019

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is planning a four-year mission in 2022 to travel to the asteroid Psyche 16.  While space missions are interesting by default, this one is gathering a great deal of attention.  According to the headlines, this space rock is believed to be composed of platinum, nickel and enough gold to make every person on Earth a billionaire many times over. The math is straightforward. Gold sells for a certain amount per ounce, the asteroid may contain a certain number of ounces and the Earth’s population is easily estimated. 

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