How One Donor’s Visit to a Vision Room Inspired Her to Increase Her Gift


Show dont tell

Explaining your mission in a way that the donor is able to best connect with your organization is a solid pathway toward stewardship. This month we will rethink how we report our finances and mission impact.



Organizations embarking on a capital campaign do not come to the decision lightly or quickly. These campaigns are often the result of years of planning, research, and hard work. They often start with the realization that the current facility (or lack thereof) isn’t working anymore. There’s a realization that in order to expand on the organization's mission, something bigger needs to happen.

Leaders have a vision for more.

They’ve often had it for years. So it is imperative they are able to share this vision to gain the support needed to make it a reality. Often, words aren’t enough. Potential supporters need to SEE the vision to fully understand it.

Most of our capital campaigns include some kind of vision tour. This hour-long tour brings the prospective donor through a handful of stops in the building—complete with renderings and images—to share impact and cast a vision for what’s possible with a renovated or new facility.

A few of our clients have gone so far as to create a vision room. Here the furnishings, technology, environment, and purpose are more than pictures on a board; they can be experienced and touched by the person touring. Often the last stop after exploring an outdated facility, the stark contrast between what IS and what COULD BE feels possible and inspiring.

Sharing your vision works.

Recently, a client received a call from a long-time supporter who was ready for a vision tour. At the beginning of the tour, the donor stated she had already decided that she wanted to support the campaign: $100,000 paid over two years. The CEO was appropriately grateful and said, “Thank you. I really want you to see the vision of where we are headed,” and proceeded with the tour. Once inside the vision room, the donor was clearly inspired. She told the CEO that she wished to expand her commitment to another $50,000 toward the project.

After years of planning and imagining, it’s worth taking the time to think through how you can bring your vision to life and ensure donors can see what you see.

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