This year as a Christmas present, my incredible in-laws made a donation to provide tuition to students in Tanzania. The generous gift will pay for 20 children to attend school for the next year. I can only imagine the happiness felt by the children who received this gift.  

The gift was a result of an invitation that my mother and father in-law received from a family friend asking them to join them on a tour of Tanzania. It was an opportunity to learn about the region and its people. The two weeks they spent there last summer will forever connect my family to Tanzania,  and will leave a lasting impact for the people that live there for years to come.

Showing donors the great work of our organization can make a huge impact their level of interest. We often think that telling our story is enough, but showing them our story is better. Here are three great ways to “show” a donor our story:

  • Vision Tours – invite influencers to an onsite tour of your capital campaign building project. Point out where rooms will be built and tell them the stories of who will be impacted.
  • Video Stories – create videos of mission related moments and provide interviews with those impacted most by the generosity of others. Share these videos on donor calls or through social media.
  • Site visits - Invite donors to attend a program provided by your organization, ask them to observe or participate in the program.

Showing the story of your organization will likely influence a donor better than any story you could tell. Look for opportunities to invite friends of the organization to join you in seeing the results of your great work.


Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash

Posted by Kim Hinrichs
Kim Hinrichs

Written by Kim Hinrichs

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