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    Posted by Kellie Wardman

    By Kellie Wardman

    Does your non-profit have Save-As-Itis?

    Meaning, do you tend to open your previous board meeting’s agenda and click File > Save As to create the next one, plugging in the new date and modifying a few things here and there?

    If that’s the case, you may not be leveraging the true brain power and contributions of board members.

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    Posted by Danny Maier

    A number of months ago I received many comments on a blog I wrote about Patrick Lencioni’s Death By Meeting. That first blog focused on how so many meetings are ineffective, time-sucking exercises. Of course, Lencioni offers several effective solutions so I thought a “Part II” would be appropriate; this time, specifically addressing meeting length.

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    Topics: Death By Meeting, Pat Lencioni, Productivity

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