The Bridge from Fear to Hope

Posted by Jason Fry

One evening in early December of 2020, I got a text from a friend (who is a County Commissioner) that there was a mob of armed protesters outside her house. Her 12-year-old son was home alone at the time. He called her while she was at a Health District meeting that would determine whether our county would issue a mask mandate. Can you imagine how afraid he must’ve been?

Events like these have happened across the country. The storming of the U.S. Capitol lingers as an inevitable pinnacle in a ramping up of hate and discontent.

These events were inspired by a sense of fear, and were intended to stoke fear in others. Another friend of mine said how those events made her “afraid to even go outside to take a run” that afternoon.

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The past year has been challenging for everyone. As someone who works with nonprofits, I have been impressed and moved by how these organizations have stepped up to serve their communities in new ways. They’ve managed to make a positive impact for others, even with severe constraints.

The most important resource any organization has is its staff. Many nonprofits, like their counterparts in businesses, were forced to furlough or lay off employees as revenue streams dried up during the pandemic. That means that the staff who remained were often doing the jobs of several people while also trying to identify new ways of serving that would help to keep people safer during the pandemic.

Taking care of staff is always critical, but today it is more important than ever.

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Posted by DBD Team

I’ve never really shared my resolutions or talked with others about theirs. It always seemed a private thing to me. At the end of each year, I like to think about what I could have done better and what that means to how I will live in the coming year.

That being said, my resolutions usually turn out to be “character improvement”-type resolutions. I usually take on just one a year – and it will take me years to run out of things to work on!
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