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    Posted by Kellie Wardman


    Plans are important, but they’ll never work unless you take action.

    This month, the DBD team will be sharing ways for you to jump start your work in 2022.



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    9 THINGS FOR 2021

    Posted by DBD Team

    By the DBD Financial Management Team

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    Posted by Bruce Berglund

    I have the wonderful opportunity to learn from our clients and their volunteers across the country. The wonderful balance of staff and volunteer engagement makes this work rich and rewarding.

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    Posted by Thom Peters

    I’m not great at resolutions. I have great intentions, just lousy follow through. After all my years I have learned that the higher I set my sights, the less opportunity I have to succeed. So I keep expectations low and generally feel better about how things turn out. I may not be a better or healthier person, but I won’t have failed so often in my goals.

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    Posted by Lora Dow

    Are you a to-do list person? Maybe you subscribe to the GTD method or prefer old-fashioned pen and paper lists. Whatever the case, you’ve probably come to realize that getting a group of people (fundraising volunteers, for example) rallied around a to-do list is a much trickier exercise than tackling your own list of projects.

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