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    Posted by Bert Ruiz

    A typical executive search usually takes a few months from start to finish with key steps throughout the process. As the committee does its work, it’s important to communicate the status of the process to key stakeholders and applicants. It may seem simple, but many organizations skip these basic steps. And when you don’t share your progress, both candidates and your board can be left feeling that the process is cold and disorganized.

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    Topics: Leadership, Strategy, Relationship Building, Communication, Hiring, Interviewing


    Posted by Jon Simons

    Good fundraisers understand the value of asking questions in pursuit of answers. Great fundraisers aren’t satisfied with getting answers; they crave clarity. To understand a potential donor’s true interests, motivations and reservations we need to move beyond simple Q&A, taking the time to understand the deeper meaning behind their responses. To achieve greater clarity, we need to push past their initial response and invite them to share more. A few follow up questions can unlock a wealth of important information.

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    Topics: Leadership, Clarity, Interviewing

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