Posted by Laura DeVries

A few times a day, my Apple watch reminds me to breathe.  Like many, I googled this feature when I started receiving these notifications at the most inconvenient times. Before I can hit dismiss, my watch steals my attention and I am momentarily captured as the animated flower fills the tiny screen and slowly expands and contracts.

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Posted by Jon Simons

It’s happened to all of us over the last year while on a video conference: you want to express a thought, respond to a question or offer an opinion and you’re the only one who can hear you talking. You’re on mute! With technology, an easy fix is just a click or two away.

While the technology of today highlights our moments of silence, being on mute is certainly not a new phenomenon. 

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Posted by Jon Simons

Good fundraisers understand the value of asking questions in pursuit of answers. Great fundraisers aren’t satisfied with getting answers; they crave clarity. To understand a potential donor’s true interests, motivations and reservations we need to move beyond simple Q&A, taking the time to understand the deeper meaning behind their responses. To achieve greater clarity, we need to push past their initial response and invite them to share more. A few follow up questions can unlock a wealth of important information.

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