Posted by DBD Finance Team on Jul. 19, 2021

    By Jim Mellor and Brian Keel

    The board of directors is an essential component of nonprofit leadership. We seek boards that are engaged, embrace their roles and responsibilities, are committed to transparency, and value both short- and long-term planning. 

    Rules vary from state to state, but every board has significant legal and ethical duties that it cannot delegate to others including legal, management, program, and financial oversight. Beyond the board there may be committees that further assist the organization. Committees have representation from the Board but are also an opportunity to engage other community volunteers to serve, especially if these members have subject matter expertise.

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    Posted by Kellie Wardman on May. 10, 2021

    A long-time executive coach once told me that the most powerful questions are ones that can be understood by a kindergartner.

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    Posted by Bert Ruiz on Apr. 12, 2021

    As your organization prepares for an executive search, an important consideration is how to engage community stakeholders (along with board and staff) in the process.

    Why engage community stakeholders? This group can provide an external perspective on how the community views your organization, as well as challenges and opportunities facing the community. Board members and staff are typically focused on internal priorities, while this group applies an outward-facing lens.

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    Posted by Lora Dow on Jan. 9, 2019

    In our work with nonprofits, faith-based organizations and other causes, we often find ourselves talking about “community.” We are looking to strengthen community. We are seeking support from the community. We are reaching out into the community with our programs or ministries.

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