Posted by Jon Simons

    How ironic is it that a year of forced isolation has actually provided us the ability to connect with each other in a deep, meaningful and global scale? 

    How are you doing?” has shifted from a casual greeting to a meaningful invitation to connect through a common, shared experience.

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    Posted by Jon Simons

    It’s happened to all of us over the last year while on a video conference: you want to express a thought, respond to a question or offer an opinion and you’re the only one who can hear you talking. You’re on mute! With technology, an easy fix is just a click or two away.

    While the technology of today highlights our moments of silence, being on mute is certainly not a new phenomenon. 

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    Posted by Jan Brogdon

    Do you have a friend or a colleague who is GREAT at asking questions? You know, the person who always seems to just know more about the people and circumstances in their lives than others? They don't just draw you into conversation, they help you build a stronger connection through the interaction.

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    Posted by Jon Simons

    As a cyclist, I have never really looked forward to the winter months. I’m fine with riding in cold weather (it’s all about the layers), but the real challenge comes from the shorter hours of daylight. Night riding on the roads of New Jersey is unsafe and unnerving to say the least!

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