How to Keep Your Board Strong

Over time, boards begin to drift. Boards that were once strong now don’t pack the same leadership punch that they once did. Why?

When “No Thank You” is the Answer

How can you move forward from the "go-away" gift?

My Tax-Exempt Bond is Fixed – Isn’t It?

If you financed a capital project with a tax-exempt bond, changes in tax structure could affect your loan. Learn how to be proactive and ensure you are being good stewards of your finances.

Thank You For Your Time

Are you doing all you can to recognize your volunteers for their time? Make sure these advocates for your organization feel appreciated and connected.

Financing Your Capital Project

While financial a capital project isn’t complicated, there are a few general facts, assumptions, and figures you’ll want to know before you get started.

Are You Grant-Ready?

Before you invest significant time and energy into pursuing a grant, find out first if your organization is ready to do all that is needed.

Orienting Your New CDO

You’ve just hired a new CDO. Congratulations! Here are a few steps to ensure you can get this valuable employee off to the best start.

It’s Just a Cup of Coffee: Getting More Comfortable with Fundraising

The mention of fundraising often brings forward a list of stress-induced excuses. Help your volunteers and staff feel confident when they start with just a cup of coffee.

Stewardship Doesn’t Just Happen

If donor stewardship isn’t an intentional part of your financial development plan, this quick read can get you started.

A Primer on the New Markets Tax Credit Program

The New Markets Tax Credit program can give a big boost to your capital project, but there are a few things to know before you can take advantage of it.

31 Days. 31 Ways.

The most wonderful time of year is a great time to show your donors how much you appreciate them. We offer ideas for each day of December, but you can adapt many of them for any time of year.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

Your online presence is your virtual welcome mat to anyone seeking more information or ways to give to your organization. How does yours stack up?

Preparing For the End

Considering charities receive a large portion of their annual contributions at year end, it’s wise to make the most of your messaging and efforts.

Volunteer Win-Win

A well-run volunteer program can ensure that both your organization and the volunteers benefit from the relationship.

The Accidental Endowment Program

What sometimes starts as an accident can become a purposeful, thoughtful Endowment Program that will ensure a stronger future for your organization.

Don’t Take Grants For Granted

Maximize your grant efforts and make your organization stand out from the others.

Training for the Finish Line

Running an annual campaign can sometimes feel like running a marathon. With the right preparation, you can successfully cross the finish line.

Beyond Thank You

It’s a given that your donors need to be thanked, but they also need to know the impact their gift has on your mission.

The Case for Combined Asks

As you connect with donors for a capital campaign, don’t assume it will mean a decrease in their annual gift. A thoughtful combined ask is the key.

Making the Most of Your Collaboration

Collaborating with other organizations can mean a much greater impact on your collective missions, but it takes patience, hard work and open communication.

Strong Annual = Strong Capital

Strong annual giving sets the foundation for a strong capital campaign. Annual fundraising can hone your case and strengthen your staff and board to help with a larger capital project.

The Enemy of Great

A good fundraising program takes work and is something to be proud of. But what more could you do in your community if you made it great?

Transforming Your Board

Most boards have a handful of leaders who are energized to take on fundraising. For leaders who aren’t, we have suggestions to transform their attitudes and abilities.

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