Celebrating our ClientsWe’re proud of the work we do to help nonprofits thrive. But we’re REALLY proud of the work our clients do to improve life for others.

Every day we are inspired by their vision, leadership and commitment to making the world a better place.

Here’s one of those stories.


These two words summarized the findings of a five-month study testing the feasibility of a new YMCA on the Upper Cape in Massachusetts: Not yet.

It was late 2017 and not the conclusion the YMCA Cape Cod Board of Directors hoped for at the onset of the study.

But the good news is “not yet” was not, “the end.” In fact, not yet marked the launch of the Y’s multi-year, multi-faceted plan to address concerns, deepen programmatic engagement, secure critical-mission partners, and solidify a future facility location.

YMCA Cape Cod President & CEO, Stacie Peugh turned initial disappointment into clear and focused direction. Working with staff, volunteers and local community leaders, Stacie found opportunity in the challenges and positioned the Y for a successful future on the Upper Cape.

After more than three years of strategic focus, commitment and hard work, the Y re-tested the feasibility for a new facility in 2021. This time around, the conclusion of the study was a clear, confident, and resounding. “YES!” The YMCA Cape Cod was well positioned for a multimillion-dollar capital campaign to bring a new, full facility YMCA to the Upper Cape in the ocean side community of Falmouth, MA.

Same Project. Same Community. What Changed?


From 2017-2021 the case for support was strengthened as the Y:

  • Secured land for the new Y adjacent to the local High School
  • Developed exciting conceptual plans for the facility
  • Facilitated a partnership with a local group also planning to develop an aquatics center. (The 2017 study concluded that the community could not support nor sustain both facilities. A partnership was needed to bring their collective visions to reality.)
  • Signed an MOU to house an established and well-respected community health center at the new Y
  • Increased the Ys presence in the community, offering childcare and summer camps


By increasing their presence in the community, the Y was able to gain the attention, interest, and trust of several key leaders. These leaders opened doors to others and continue to serve as advocates and advisors to the Y. Stacie and her volunteers knew a Y must be pulled – not pushed – into a community, so they forged relationships with others who would do just that. Each of these leaders bring high levels of interest, access, and influence. Today, as the initial planning for a capital campaign is underway, many of these individuals will make up the leadership cabinet.


“An African proverb sums this experience up nicely. ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Community ‘building’ is the foundation of the Y. To build our physical foundation, we built a community of people who have come together to develop our vision and achieve our goal." - Stacie Peugh, President & CEO, YMCA Cape Cod


Reflecting on the five years since beginning this journey, the Y's success and change of fortune can be credited to Stacie’s willingness to hear what she needed to hear, not what she wanted to hear. For some, “not yet” sounded like the end of the project, but Stacie heard the bell of opportunity and got to work. We’re excited to be working alongside Stacie and her team as they work to build a new Y and serve generations of kids, families and adults on the Upper Cape.


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