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Plans are important, but it's the action that makes the plan a reality. This month, the DBD team will be sharing ways for you to jump-start your work in 2023.

Best Practices for Grant Funding

As we start this new year, the economic forecast appears to be uncertain. During economic downturns, we can be assured that foundations will continue to support worthy organizations through grants. As your organization prepares for what lies ahead, it is important to remember best practices when applying for a grant. Here is where to start:

Get to Know the Foundation

The best organizations know the value of a long-term relationship with a grant maker. By getting to know the foundation, your chances for presenting a worthy application increase. It is important that the grant maker fully understands your project and its impact.

Understand the Application

  1. Review the full grant application
  2. Make note of the application deadline
  3. Review the scoring criteria
  4. Create a spreadsheet for attachments
  5. Create a Word document for narrative questions
  6. Review the foundation website and read any additional information provided outside of the application.

Make Your Case

  1. Write a clear and compelling narrative. Structure and edit the text to address the foundation’s key initiatives. Write to be empathic to grant reviewers.
  2. Thoroughly review and edit your final application. Make sure all necessary attachments are included. Make sure your budget is correct. Ask others to provide a final edit on the narrative for clarity and grammar.

Be a Good Steward

If the grant is awarded, take future responsibility for stewardship of the grant. Be responsible for documentation of outcomes and meeting reporting deadlines.

The most successfully funded organizations understand the value of being prepared. When organizations have cultivated a connection with the grant maker and have a clear understanding of the grant parameters and requirements, they can transform a well-developed idea into a fundable project. 

Looking for more guidance around grants? Consider DBD grant services or our quick start grant package to set you on the right path.


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Posted by Kim Hinrichs
Kim Hinrichs

Written by Kim Hinrichs

Kim Hinrichs offers grant writing and research services to nonprofits and to companies. Kim has successfully completed over $15 million in funded grant applications. She can help your organization have real and lasting impact in your community.

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