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    These are unprecedented times. So many of you have reached out to us, wondering what to do about your campaigns, your communications and more.

    While there is no one answer that fits every situation, here are some things we know to be true.

    Your mission matters – even if the delivery of it looks a little different. There is much that may be changing in what you’re doing day-to-day, but your mission still drives your focus and choices. Don’t let what you’re not doing minimize the importance of what you are doing.

    Your organization – and the people you serve – will be impacted. Quantify the impacts, from increased demand for particular services to decreased revenue. Find specific stories to illustrate that data.

    Don’t wait until you have it all figured out to communicate with your supporters. Instead, talk about those impacts and your response. Help donors understand why you may be shifting resources in the short term. Acknowledge that the situation is changing daily and your leadership is committed to respond to those changes.

    • If possible, CALL your top supporters. Elderly donors who may be isolated may especially appreciate a call to see how they're doing.
    • Use mail or email to communicate with the rest of your donors. Don’t assume they’re seeing your social media messages.

    Ask for help – but adjust what you’re asking for.  Don’t deny your donors the opportunity to help. Ask for specific support for what your organization needs today and in the near term. Focus your case for support accordingly.

    Be careful about making promises. While you may be committed to not furloughing staff or staying open or holding your event, there’s no way to promise any of that. Instead, acknowledge what you don’t know and reiterate that your mission will be your guide on how to best proceed.


    We’re here to help.  

    Your mission calls you to serve your communities. Our mission calls us to serve you.

    While there is much we don’t know, we do know that we are better together. Your leadership seat might feel pretty lonely right now. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Bruce and the DBD Team


    Posted by DBD Team on Mar. 16, 2020
    DBD Team

    Written by DBD Team

    The Donor By Design team is made up of professionals from the non-profit world, leveraging their decades of fundraising experience to help organizations raise the resources they need to make a positive difference in the world.

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