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    Resources for Navigating Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership During Uncertain Times


    As each day brings new challenges, we'll keep this page updated with resources and tools to help you lead and fund raise to meet the changing needs in your community. Be sure to check back regularly AND share anything you've seen that would be helpful.

    DBD's "In the Tent" podcast (13 minutes) featuring Bruce Berglund and Jon Simons share some advice on who you should call today and how those conversations might unfold.





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    NEW Great article from Nonprofit Quarterly: How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19



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    Finding Certainty

    Be Prepared

    Underpromise and Overserve

    Lessons from 2008

    What Does Love Look Like

    Moving Forward



    How to Use a Message Triangle

    Communicating in 2-D vs 3-D

    Connecting in Uncertain Times



    ACA's Coronavirus resource page 


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