Our current crisis has revealed the financial strengths and weaknesses in our companies, in our families, and in nonprofits. While no one could have anticipated this particular set of circumstances, history tells us that challenges will always come. 

    In the latest episode of DBD's Podcast, Bruce Berglund and Jim Mellor dive into the questions and strategies that nonprofits can employ to help rebound from this crisis and prepare more successfully for the future. 

    Have a listen: Rethinking Financial Strategies.

    The uncertainty of the future is wearing to all of us. But a plan, based on sound financial principles, will help to restore our confidence and help us move forward. 


    Fundraising in Uncertain Times

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    We have updated our resource page on Fundraising in Uncertain Times. including recordings from recent DBD webinars and new podcasts with non-profit leaders from across the country! 


    Posted by DBD Team on Apr. 21, 2020
    DBD Team

    Written by DBD Team

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