For the past two months nonprofits have been in "emergency" fundraising mode. It has been a scramble to serve communities in new ways, make difficult staffing decisions and try to forecast an entirely new budget. 

    Many are probably thinking "I can't wait to get back to normal."

    But what if "normal" isn't the best idea for the rest of 2020? In a world still filled with uncertainty, what can we do to maximize our impact and prepare ourselves to be ready for whatever may come?

    In the latest episode of DBD's Podcast, Bruce Berglund and Julie Sistrunk (YMCA of Middle Tennessee) discuss the challenges of fundraising in the middle of not one but two crisis situations, and how her resource development plan is changing for 2020. 

    Have a listen: The New Shape of Philanthropy.

    Because we can't know what the fourth quarter will bring, it will be more important than ever to take advantage of opportunities to engage donors as we go. The plan may have to change, but nonprofit development staff and volunteers who are willing to adapt to the new landscape may be able to make strides in even the most difficult of years.


    Fundraising in Uncertain Times

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