,We share the grief and outrage felt by the country in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others. This must end.


    It’s difficult to find the right words. 


    But silence sends a message too. Not speaking up crushes and emboldens just as much, or maybe more, than words of anger or support do.


    Real, lasting, systemic change must be heart-deep for each of us. This past week, Brené Brown posted the following:


    “Learning is hard. Unlearning is harder. Pretending that most of us don’t need to do either when it comes to racism is its own form of violence."


    I speak for me, my heart, and DBD Group: we will begin the process of learning and unlearning together.


    Together we can make a difference – one heart at a time.


    Bruce Berglund
    Founder / President
    DBD Group



    Photo by Wenniel Lun on Unsplash

    Posted by Bruce Berglund
    Bruce Berglund

    Written by Bruce Berglund

    Bruce Berglund, CFRE, is the founder and President of DBD Group, a national firm providing comprehensive consulting services to nonprofits, faith-based organizations, colleges and more. Bruce is a highly sought-after writer, speaker and teacher.

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