As 2018 comes to a close, we are reflecting on the organizations, staff and volunteers we got to know a little better this year. Our work often intersects with nonprofits at pivotal times in their history. What follows are a few stories of projects that have been a long time in the making, but more powerful for their focus on collaboration and partnership. Read on for inspiration and ideas!



    Photo Credit: YMCA of Greater Kansas City

    The YMCA of Greater Kansas City recently began construction on a new downtown facility. The building formerly housed the city’s Lyric Theater. The hope is that this facility will not only aid in downtown Kansas City’s revitalization, but will become a true community center for the people who live and work downtown. Projects like this often take more time to develop, but the reward for the community is well worth the effort. Congratulations to the whole Kansas City YMCA team!



    Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo encourages young athletes at the Sports Center. Photo credit: Aviva Goller, JIY Staff

    In early December, the Jerusalem International YMCA celebrated the grand opening of its new Sylvan Adams Sports Center.

    JIY’s 1930’s landmark building includes a hotel, restaurant, concert hall, auditorium, preschool and more. “It has always been the place where all Jerusalemites — Christian, Jew or Muslim, rich or poor — came to learn a language, to play sports, to hear a concert or enjoy a game of chess. We have been an island of calm and sanity for 140 years. Now, with the opening of the new sports center, we are taking our mission a big step forward into the future,” said Elias Khoury, JIY Board Chair.

    The new Sports Center, located adjacent to the original building, includes a half-Olympic pool, indoor basketball court, exercise studios and a rooftop garden plaza. Like the original facility, it is open and welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds.




    Photo Credit: Lafayette Family YMCA

    Earlier in the month, the new Lafayette Family YMCA (Lafayette, IN) celebrated the grand opening of its new facility. This new project was made possible because of a unique partnership of five different community organizations, including Franciscan Health, IU Health Arnett, Junior Achievement, NCHS and Lafayette’s Ivy Tech Community College. Together, these organizations are able to address individual and community concerns around health, education, youth development, economic development and more.


    These are just a few stories that reflect the amazing work we get to see every day. While the campaign sizes may vary, the commitment and courage these leaders show is always impressive. Thanks for letting us play a part in your story!

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