It was soooooo frustrating: the camp auction. All I wanted was a gift certificate to my favorite bakery. As we bid higher, a friend outbid us. Again and again. Man I wanted the ginger cookies from this bakery or a loaf of challah bread. But here was a friend of mine bidding them out of sight! Forget it. Let him have it.

And yet I won so much more than a dozen ginger cookies.

The next morning I awoke to the crisp camp air and an envelope sitting on my windshield. Inside was a handwritten note with that contentious gift certificate.

“Thank you for your generous support…. You’ve really helped me both develop professionally and make camp a better place…”

Hand written. Simple. Genuine.

Now that’s stewardship. Dang, I know these cookies are going to cost me a hefty contribution. But boy they are tasty.


Posted by Danny Maier
Danny Maier

Written by Danny Maier

Dan Maier offers fundraising counsel and strategic management for local and national nonprofits, YMCAs, camps, medical and social service organizations. He offers invaluable support to clients and their volunteer leadership as they look to enhance their development campaigns, prepare for crisis communications, strengthen their boards and more.

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