Happy Holidays 2020


    What a year! We gathered the team to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday season and VERY Happy New Year!



    We've gathered the DBD team for a special message to our clients and non-profit colleagues across the country…

    Before we wish you a happy NEW year,

    We have a few thoughts about THIS year.


    For starters, let’s retire a few words.

    Pivot. Unprecedented. Uncertain. New normal.

    You're on mute.


    But we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge all you did this year:

    You answered the community’s call for help

    You led with courage, even through the fog

    You fed kids and families

    You cared for children so their parents could work

    You spoke out against injustice

    You kept people healthy in spirit, mind and body

    You forged partnerships for the greater good

    You made hard decisions

    You put others first

    You provided support to those who needed it

    And let others help you when YOU needed it

    You provided a listening ear and words of encouragement

    You taught your kids from home

    You led your team from home

    You did both at the same time (sometimes in your pajamas)

    You masked up

    You distanced

    You Zoomed. And Zoomed. And Zoomed. And Zoomed some more.

    And you just kept doing good.

    So as we reflect on 2020, it has become abundantly clear what matters most





    And Hope


    Looking ahead to 2021,

    we wish you a year that is filled with everything that matters

    A year where we continue to lift each other up

    And do the hard things

    And serve our communities

    And lead with grace and integrity

    And answer the calls for help

    And get through it together

    From the bottom of our hearts

    Thanks for all you do

    From all of us at DBD Group: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

    Posted by DBD Team on Dec. 22, 2020
    DBD Team

    Written by DBD Team

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