DBD PODCAST: The Future for Nonprofits


    After a year of constraints, there are new opportunities awaiting non-profits. Before you decide to start - or delay - your next fundraising campaign, listen in as Bruce Berglund and Laura De Vries from DBD Group answer such questions as:

    • What's next for the US economy?
    • How will these economic indicators impact philanthropy?
    • When is the right time to re-engage with a strategic initiative? 
    • How should you participate in stimulus efforts in your community?
    • How will you thank those who showed up for you in the past year? 



    After you've listened, we'd like to hear your opinions on what's next for nonprofits. Are you seeing and feeling some of these things in your community? We're all figuring out this new world together, so the more we share, the more we all learn.

    Sound off in the comments below!


    Image credit:  C D-X on Unsplash

    Posted by DBD Team on May. 3, 2021
    DBD Team

    Written by DBD Team

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