DBD PODCAST: Engaging Local Government as a Major Donor/Partner


    As a non-profit, how can you connect with local government policy makers who share your vision to serve your community? 

    What knowledge as a "boots on the ground" organization can you contribute to your collaboration with city or state government elected officials to serve your community better?

    In this month's episode of the DBD Podcast, Jon Simons interviews two leaders in the Richmond, VA area who share their insights about successful partnerships between the non-profit sector and local government: Abigail Farris Rogers,  President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Richmond, and Eva Colen, Manager of Office of Children and Families for the city of Richmond, VA.

    This insightful podcast will give you practical ways to engage with your local government to create partnerships that help to serve your community in deeper ways and help officials to solve problems with more efficient, informed solutions, and better policies.



    Have you created a successful partnership that is serving your community in a deeper way through a collaboration with local government?  Let us know how in the comments!


    Image credit:  C D-X on Unsplash

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