As we come to the end of 2016, we’re taking a look back at the posts that inspired the most conversations on the blog and with our clients. Today’s topic? Leadership.


    We have a saying at DBD (and we got it from a nonprofit leader) that “Leadership is Everything.” In more than ten years as a company, that axiom has proven true again and again in our work helping make mission reality with nonprofits, faith-based organizations, schools and more.

    If your volunteer board, staff or campaign team are feeling a bit lackluster when it comes to leadership, consider this your primer for a better 2017!

    The Meeting Before The Meeting

    Recently, I was with an annual campaign team. They were planning next steps for their campaign and considering how to present it at the full board meeting the following day. They were so excited, making thoughtful plans to motivate and challenge their fellow board members... Read More

    The Kind Truth

    Today it is easier than ever to “give feedback.” Social media gives us an unfiltered voice and an ever-growing audience. Anyone with a smart phone and Wi-Fi can position themselves as an “expert” on just about any topic they choose. The comments section on websites ranges from mindless to mildly entertaining to cruel, abusive and irresponsible... Read More


    Over the last few years, the term “grit” has been popping up in books, podcasts and lectures. It seems that grit, as it relates to leadership in popular business culture, is associated with themes of courage, follow-through and resilience... Read More

    Reinvigorating Volunteer Teams

    During the middle of the most recent economic downturn, I sat in a very challenging Finance Committee meeting. For nearly two hours, volunteers and several staff members tried to figure out how to do more with less. The board was facing very hard decisions that they knew impacted many individual lives: those needing services and the employees of the nonprofit who might lose their jobs... Read More

    Don't Settle

    Living in a small town, I tend to chose my home repair, insurance and mechanics from recommendations. That’s why giving my insurance coverage to a locally recommended guy for years without ever meeting him seemed fine…until I needed him. At the appointed date and time, I went to his office to explain my needs around my kid’s insurance... Read More

    Drop The Mask

    Long before the recent rash of scary clown sightings, I have found masks of any kind to be unsettling. Be it a circus, holiday parade or Halloween trick-or-treater, I get uncomfortable when faces are covered. While I have learned to expect and even tolerate masks at these types of events, I struggle most with people hiding who they really are in my work as a fundraising consultant... Read More

    Proceed With Caution

    You approach an intersection as the light turns yellow. What’s your response?

    A) Hit the gas to make it through before it turns red.

    B) Tap the break and prepare to pause at the light while assessing oncoming traffic, checking your rearview mirror and maybe even gazing ahead for the travel conditions in front of you... Read More

    Leadership development takes time and diligence, but you can transform your board or campaign team into a group of highly-motivated women and men of influence to take your organization to the next level.

    Posted by DBD Team on Dec. 15, 2016
    DBD Team

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