In a year where capital campaigns were often put on the back burner or nixed altogether, DBD Group was excited and proud to work with our non-profit partner, The Hunger Coalition (Bellevue ID). 

Despite strong headwinds, Executive Director, Jeanne Liston and her incredible staff and board of directors were able to raise over $8M of capital funding in 2020, allowing them to re-purpose an old landscaping company warehouse into 15,000 square feet of purpose-driven space in order to serve their community’s most vulnerable when it comes to food insecurity.

“The support from our community has just been overwhelming,” stated Liston who has been part of The Hunger Coalition for over 14 years. “We knew from our feasibility study with DBD that we had a lot of people who were very passionate about serving others in a different way. Our vision proved to be a compelling one with donors and the community at large.”


This isn’t your grandmother’s food bank. The new Bloom Food Center includes community gathering space, a teaching kitchen, kids play spaces, greenhouses, garden beds and plentiful food warehouse space. This is truly a modern-day concept envisioned to empower individuals to make choices while supporting them during tough times.

“DBD challenged us to think through the entire project. From building our case for support to having a strong plan for sustainability once we opened,” Liston said. “They also challenged us to increase our capital goal based on the feasibility results. That opened our eyes a little bit wider to see what an endowment element could do along with the building project.”

In addition to navigating a successful capital campaign, The Hunger Coalition was also able to secure strong annual support during the pandemic. “I think people realized how difficult this time has been, and could continue to be. We feel so fortunate that our long-time donors as well as dozens of brand-new donors have chosen to give so generously.”

Jeanne has said that the secret to success in these campaigns has been all about relationships. Over the past 14 years she and her team have built great credibility and trust in their community. They shine in sharing their stories of impact (see for yourself:, and they have excelled in engaging their donors in their work all along the way.

Our sincerest thanks and congratulations go out to Jeanne, her staff and her board of directors!