Engaging YMCA Members and Donors in Your Mission

    There has never been a better opportunity to tell your Y's story. When your doors closed, your mission continued. Members stayed with you while you served your community in new ways. And when your members stayed, you gained thousands of NEW donors!

    As you re-emerge and work to finish the year strong, it is important to share your impact, show members and donors how their gifts made it possible, and invite them to continue to support your work.

    DBD Group has developed a consistent, timely, multi-channel donor engagement program to steward, inform and ask your members and donors for support.

    The 2020 Donor Engagement Program is specially designed for YMCAs and offers four total appeals, each with several components including email, social media, and letter templates. We will also provide a how-to kit for implementation and recommendations on target audience and timing. You'll get all the files and templates to customize to your YMCA and your community and send/post when you are ready.*

    Appeal topics include:

    Appeal topics include:

    • Re-opening your Programs/Facilities
    • Emerging Case
    • Fall Stewardship
    • Year End

    Appeals are customizable to the work you are doing locally and can be executed by your team. Choose two or all four! For an additional fee we can connect you to a trusted partner who will help distribute to your list and audience.

    Complete the form below if you'd like to learn more and get started. The sooner - and more frequently - you get in front of donors and members the more likely they are to be engaged and support your critical community work.

    *We can help with deployment of emails and social media for an additional cost.

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