Ululy Martinez

Senior Consultant

Attorney Ululy Rafael Martinez represents and provides consulting services to a diverse range of nonprofits. His commitment to service is rooted in his desire to leverage his life experience and professional skills for the benefit of under-resourced communities. 

Ululy’s consulting services are focused on supporting the strategic needs of nonprofits, with a view to ensuring productive and effective operations in furtherance of the mission, as well as accountability and transparency to regulators, donors, clients, and the public. 

Ululy achieves these results by providing counsel in the following areas: 

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Board Development and Governance 
  • Trainings 
  • Retreat Planning and Facilitation 
  • Organizational Culture and Team Building 
  • Partnerships and Collaborations 
  • Compliance, Communications, Accountability and Transparency 
  • Policy and Process Review/Revision/Drafting 

Ululy is flexible, practical, and easy to work with, and enjoys finding creative solutions to difficult problems for his clients. In his free time, he enjoys giving back to the institutions that have given so much to him. When the National Puerto Rican Day Parade was undergoing a restructuring in 2014, the New York State Attorney General recommended Ululy to the Board to revive the Parade’s governance structure, operations, finances and scholarship fund. The EMMY nominated Parade is now flourishing and is distributing over 100 scholarships a year to students. He is Chair of the Central Connecticut State University Foundation and participated on the Presidential Task Force on Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Sexual Misconduct where he played an instrumental role in creating a safe and inclusive campus environment. 

Ululy holds a bachelors degree from Central Connecticut State University and a law degree from CUNY School of Law. He lives in Bronx, NY.

Phone/Fax (toll-free):877.393.3904
Phone (direct):347.683.8258

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