From Emergency to Emerging Strategy

    Nonprofit and faith-based organizations have been challenged to find new ways to fulfill their missions with fewer funds and fewer staff. The strategies that worked in the past have to be recast for the future.

    DBD Group can help.

    Since 2008, DBD has been helping nonprofits with fund development, strategy and planning, partnerships, financial management and more. We’ve retooled several of our most popular products to help our clients meet today’s needs and create plans that can flex to meet an uncertain future.



    Executive Staffing Solutions

    Between layoffs and furloughs, as well as natural staff turnover, your organization may find itself with a short or long-term gap in staffing. DBD Group can provide staffing solutions in resource development, financial management or executive management. Learn More 

    Collaborations and Partnerships

    As a result of the changing needs of your organization or those you serve, you may be considering a partnership or collaboration. DBD Group can take you through a multi-discipline evaluation process to ensure that you and your potential partner are asking the right questions and making wise decisions. Learn More

    Strategy and Planning

    When you need to make an important decision in a short amount of time, DBD’s Strategy Sprint engages your key leaders in a decision-making process reflective of your mission and/or strategic plan.

    In times of rapid change, you may need to adjust your strategic plan to align with new contexts, changing needs or resource, or new priorities. A Strategic Plan Reboot is a practical, efficient approach to revisit a recent or current plan. Learn More   


    While your fundraising plans have changed, your mission has not.  DBD Group can help you revamp your case for support, stay close to your donors, revitalize your endowment development efforts and create a new fundraising plan that will help you move forward with confidence.

    Philanthropic Lift Analysis

    The DBD Philanthropic Lift Analysis screens and analyzes your donor data to provide you with strategic recommendations for retaining donors and maximizing growth.   Learn More

    GRant scans and Grant Quick start

    Some organizations have the luxury of employing a full-time grant writer. If you’re not one of those organizations, we can help!   Learn More


    DBD Group has revamped our annual fundraising tool kit to help YMCAs quickly and effectively tell their new story, steward donors, including new member donors, and ask for additional support.

    NEW! 2021 Virtual Annual Giving Academy

    The 2021 DBD Virtual Annual Giving Academy builds on our learnings from our 2020 Academy. Participating Ys will have access to a year-long fundraising program that offers actionable tools and a plan to help you thrive in 2021. You'll also have access to a virtual learning community and support from both your YMCA peers and DBD consultants.   Learn More

    Digital Direct Response - Donor Engagement Program

    New member donors as well as new community supporters need to be stewarded, informed and, eventually asked for additional gifts. DBD’s Donor Engagement Program includes up to 4 customizable appeals that include social media, email and letter templates that you can use to connect with donors.  Learn More


    While our lives have changed, DBD can help you move from reacting to the emergency to emerging as a more resilient and more effective organization.

    These new services, along with our full suite of fund development, financial management, leadership and strategy tools, can help your organization adjust wisely, serve better and finish strong in 2020.


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